Recording Our Second EP!

We spent from the 8th-13th of April at Electric City Studios recording our new EP! We came into the studio with five song ideas and walked out of the studio with.. five songs. Also massive thanks to Harry Decline for being such a cool dude and Sound Engineer for us.

Day 1

Drums, drums, and nothing but drums. I got a little over excited and brought my coffee grinder from home (considering I would be living at the studio for the week) and also bought a 2kg bag of coffee beans to go with it – seemed like a good idea at the time. Dave got his kit all re skinned and pretty and then we got tracking! By 7:30pm we had… One drum track done – and then decided to call it an early night.

Day 2

By around 8pm on the second day we had 4/5 of the drum tracks done – Dave’s foot was getting sore we we decided to give him a break and get started on bass. Though out all of this I was hard at work gathering Olmec’s treasure in the mines of Spelunky.

Day 3

Time for me to get started on guitars! Here’s a pick of my favourite guitar I found at the studio…

Tracked half of our guitars with that sexy old Epiphone and half with my SG. Had such a killer selection of amps and pedals to chose from at the studio so I was pretty stoked with the tones we could come up with.

Day 4

4/5 of the songs were now finished guitar tracking! Here’s a video of me being over enthusiastic about a specific section. We had Michelle (who plays trumpet in the new ska band, House Arrest) lay down some trumpet for us. Had some revelation moments writing lead guitar parts at 2 am – came out cool! Also, here’s a photo of Andy and Para sleeping on the couch.

Day 5

Saturday was the big vocal day! Para had a great time smashing out the backups while Andy was attempting to collect all of the rainbows in Pixel Junk Monsters.

Day 6

Sunday was our final day at Electric City and we spent it finishing up vocals and a couple of loose ends. Can’t remember too much to be honest – we took a break at about 6pm to grab some Runamok. We spent a few extra days after this working on synth/acoustic guitars and editing at Harry’s ‘Home Studio’. Here’s a couple of sneaky videos showing how that all went down!

And that’s all we’ve got to say for now! It’s been sent to the States and we should be getting masters back pretty soon – that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to hear it just yet though! We’ve got some big news we can’t talk about yet. We’ve had a bit of a break to record, but rest assure, Being Beta will be back better than ever before you know it!